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A He-man's Advice

- Remember that to uncap a needle you pull back. To change needles, you twist them off.

- The faster the needle goes in, the less it hurts.

- Most people draw up with a larger needle than they inject due to the thick consistency of testosterone. That is one reason to switch needles before injecting, and also because
when you puncture the rubber top of the vial, the needles dulls. Sharper = less pain.

- If you inject before the alcohol dries, it'll smart.

- The reason to suck in air and then expel the air into the vial, is that it prevents
a vacuum effect from occurring in the syringe.

- If possible, exercise the muscle after your shot. Go for a walk.
It helps integrate the T into the muscle, and ease soreness.

- Why inject in the ass? I have been told that injecting in the ass will cause the least
pain of the three injection sites. You have the most padding there, the least amount
of nerve endings, and the likelihood of hitting a vein is extremely slim.

- Aspirate* To draw back on the plunger ever so slightly once you have the needle
in your muscle to check if you are in a vein. If you are, blood will enter the syringe,
and you must reposition the needle, simply by pulling back a little, and checking again,
or starting over in a different location.