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How-to Inject T
A He-man's Guide

Disclaimer: I am 18. I'm not a doctor. This is for someone who has been taught how to self-inject already,
but is a little nervous or wants a refresher. This is geared toward someone who injects in the buttox,
that is why I do not mention aspirating*.

Step 1: Lay out supplies. Wash your hands.
Step 2: Clean the rubber top of the T vial with an alcohol swab.
Step 3: Open the needle you will use to draw up the T. Draw back, sucking in air,
to the amount of T you will inject. For example, in my case that would be 1 ml.
Step 4: Insert needle into the vial of T, flip upside down, and expel the air.
Step 5: Slowly draw back on the plunger. The black tip of the plunger has two lines,
read from the line closest to the needle. Once you have the desired amount,
remove the needle (still upside down) and draw air into the syringe so that
no T leaks when you are swapping needles.
Step 6: Recap the needle, twist off, and dispose of in a sharps container.
Twist on new needle. Drop trow. Clean the area with an alcohol swab.
When the area is completely dry, you are ready to inject.
Step 7: Have a piece of gauze ready for after the injection. Uncap the needle.
Support all your weight on the opposite leg. The muscle needs to be relaxed.
Breathe. Some people like the dart method, some like to go slow, some like the z-track method.
Inject the needle in your preferred method. Aspirate to check for blood. If there is none, inject the T.
I find it easiest to hold the syringe in one hand, and push the plunger with the other, but this is not possible with z-tracking.
Step 8: Remove the needle and apply gauze. Gently massage the area.
Step 9: Apply cool Band-Aide when needed, though be cautioned of applying tape to a hairy ass.
Step 10: Carefully dispose of needle and syringe.
Step 11: Celebrate.

I'll probably add pictures to some of the steps to further clarify


Where to Inject?

When you are injecting in the ass, the easiest way to find the proper location,
is to imagine drawing a line down and across the butt cheek, dividing it into four
quadrants, as pictured below. You want to aim for the upper right-hand , or upper
left-hand quadrant. The gluteus maximus is such a large muscle, it's almost
fool proof. When feeling for a place in either of those two quadrants, all you are
searching for is a good "meaty" area. If it feels to boney, move more toward the center.

Click photo to enlarge.
The upper right-hand and upper left-hand quadrants are shaded.